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Good to know.

I had a couple of further ideas.

rear seats to avoid chicken tax... I like the idea of lugs to make them removable like a 3rd row 2-seat bench. But then I thought about front-facing them unlike the original BRAT, and offering an optional sealing cap cover, like a Blazer or Bronco used to have, and the ability to fully remove the mid-gate and it's window from the vehicle, like removing a standard pick-up's tailgate.

This is not my photoshop, but has been rolling around in my head since I saw it a while back.

Start with something in this idiom, but longer in length. pretty much the same length as a 5-door standard Forester, and a lower roof.

And sporty, like this PIA STI-swapped Forester XT.

The cap could be full-length, with a slight rake on the back window, sort of like a 90s' 2-door Blazer hard top.

or it could be exchanged for a cap with a much shallower rake, and larger rear window, making the vehicle look more like a fastback coupe.

Somewhat like the exchangeable pieces on a Nissan NX... or the ability to leave them off. But on a small truck scale, with the ability to also use it that way.

To make it a little sportier yet, a tapered tail would be kind of nice, sort of like the back of a step-side bed, but no step, and just aft of the rear wheel wells externally. just enough to make the back of the vehicle look less bulky and rectangular, but still wide enough that the tailgate opening would be directly inline with the inside width of the wheel wells, making the inner bed sides flat, and the bed rectangular. Perhaps with storage within the fenders, especially forward of the rear wheels. Jack, air compressor, general storage, whatever. not exactly like this... but something to give a sleeker, less boxy appearance.

1: mini pick up truck with mid-gate in place.
2: mini truck with cloth roof removed, mid-gate folded or removed, for open air, like a roll-frame equipped convertible or jeep.
3: enclosed mini truck with hard tonneau cover over the bed.
4: enclosed mini SUV with full length cap, with or without rear seats, with or without mid gate in place.
5: enclosed coupe with fastback cap, with or without rear seats, with or without mid gate.
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