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Default e85 G ecu development thread

I imagine some of you will find this very interesting and appealing.

So far, I have sucessfully converted my G to corn, using nothing more than romraider, logic, and time. I am going to use this thread to document and share my experience.

Stock maf
Apexi intake
cone filter
PE 850s
D rails
tial mvs
HKS downpipe, straight 3" turbo back to 4" axle back
stock headers
custom ewg up pipe
forge bleeder valve
oem sti ic, splitter, sprayer
no bov
tb/iacv coolant bypasses
ngk v power plugs currently at .028
newage coils
E70 winter blend

I have about 40 miles on a preliminary testing, which has gone great for idling and low load cruising under 2500rpm. I am having issues with my wideband, forcing me to back off on adjusting wot/spool up afr, which happen to be somewhere in the 5:1 region... or 3 full afrs richer than what I want.
Keep in mind I am not scaling these 850s, I am simply modifying the fueling tables for 440s. This keeps unknown variables not defined in the ecu from changing.

350whp on the td05. If rob can throw down 287 on pump internally gated, and 69360 can hit 12.5s, 350 externally gated and corn fed with aggression should be feasible.

Base map-v2 sti ra 555 rom
Intended afr:
cruising: ~10-10.4 e85 AFR, or around 16:1 as displayed on a gas wideband, .85 lambda
spool up/ moderate load: 9.5-10 AFR e85
wot: 12.5-.8 afr, or 8.5 e85 afr
20psi on stock maf/map- this should be attainable with compensating the last tables the ecu reads past 18psi
high timing values, some up to 30* in high load/boost regions

This rom will be opensource. Meaning if you want to run this, you simply purchase a programmer, 27c1028s, and learn how to use romraider. I will not burn a copy for you uncompensated.

I must stress that this tune is going to be nowhere near the realm of safe or conservative. This is intended to feed my insatiable need to break things and push envelopes.

A big thanks to Paul Mugabi and Rob Files.
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