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Originally Posted by Imprezer View Post
I got these the other day too... Service and delivery was great, but I ended up yanking them off and here is why...

It is not hard to apply that vinyl to the taillights without ANY creases. However, the key to that is being able to pull the material is all sort of directions. That becomes a problem because of their cutout nature, you not only have no excess material to pull on for stretching, but you are also limited by how much you can stretch it by because you want to make sure that the cut out portion lines up with where you want it to be at. So the inner lights (on the hatch lid) go on very easy. They are pretty much flat and while I wish the pre-cut pieces had more excess on the outer edges they turned out ok. The outer piece was a different story. I was able to put them on perfectly without a single crease or bubble, but because, once again, they are precut with about 1/4 - 1/8 excess, I ended up with an uncovered area of the lens...

So after spending about an hour total, it was all wasted.

I personally think that it is much better to either get a sheet big enough to nicely stretch over the lights and only then cutout whatever it is you wish to cut out using a pre made stencil. Then, using the same stencil cut the tinted center pieces and nicely attach them to the lights.

The end result will be much better, I feel.

Another option is to get complete redouts without cutouts. While they will still lack the excess to do the pulling and stretching, at least you won't have to worry about the center cutouts being cockeyed.

So instead of ordering another set of cutouts, I just ordered a big ass sheet of vinyl and will do it that way instead.

Just my .02 russian rubbles.
Sorry it didn't work out for you. I wish I had an installer in your area.

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