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a simple crank over of the engine is enough to break the crank pulley bolt. simply put a breaker bar on it and sit the end of the bar on the chassis rail & kick the engine over once.

the cam gears are bastards and i found if you have the type i do, getting a big fat screwdriver and sliding it down through them to "hook" on the heads as you undo it is the way to go.

you can reuse the belt tensioner if you simple compress it in a metalwok vice. once you've got the hole lined up/piston pushed in far enough, a small nail makes the perfect "grenade pin" like they come from factory.

always crack your pulley nuts ASAP when removing an engine. don't wait to get it out & then do it.

same goes for the nuts on strut tops.

the gearbox dowels can be easily punched out with a mallet/hammer & philips head screwdriver. or if you need to push them out from the male end first, simply hit them with the hammer until they're flush in with the surface and then use the screwdriver like a nail punch.
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