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Originally Posted by CosmoTheCat View Post
Do you own a 2012 Impreza and are you experiencing poor fuel economy, or were you just looking for some sort of hobby to keep you busy?

I've personally seen low/mid 30s in an '11 Outback, which is bigger, heavier, and has higher parasitic losses through the drivetrain. I have no doubts that a smaller, lighter, more efficient car will be able to top that.

Do you know what the EPA drive cycle is like? Do you know how many people don't drive like that?

My daily commute is about 10 miles of 45 mph stretches with about 20 stoplights spread between. It's horrible for fuel economy, accelerating to 45-50 and then hitting the brakes to stop. In my Impreza I average about 18-20 mpg when the EPA estimate is 22/29.

The Outback I used to take to class was rated at 19/27 mpg. I've had customers who claim they've seen 40mpg trips (I'm a little skeptical, but it's not totally impossible).

Should people complain that Subaru made false claims about the fuel economy of the Outback, because most owners are seeing 30+ mpg on the highway and the advertised EPA estimate was only 27?

I've also got a customer whose only complaint about his 2011 Outback is poor fuel economy. When I pushed him a little, he admitted that most of his highway driving is 80-85 mph and he's only getting about 22-24 mpg.

Should he really complain, when he's cruising at 85 mph?

And don't forget, the 27/36 mpg estimates are based upon the CVT, not the manual trans.
I'm cross shopping cars right now. The 2012 Impreza 5-Door has been at the top of my list until I saw a huge discrepancy between posted fuel economy number and reality.

My current 2004 Impreza TS is rated at 23/27, I get about 24.5 currently, driving about 75 on the highway, with a roof rack and a ton of extra stuff in the trunk, and 2 baby seats. I have seen 34.5 on a trip to DC from CT.

My wife's 2004 forester X is rated for about the same as my 2004, but we see about 28 mixed city / highway. Best was 35.1 again on a trip to DC from CT.

I am afraid of putting down my hard earned cash on a car that is giving very optimistic numbers and NOT delivering and people accepting it, because we are a loyal breed. This is my 5th Subaru and something like the 42nd Subaru in my family.

My current car is paid off, running well, but getting along on mileage, so I would like to buy something new to get better MPG and a more creature comforts. I am afraid I am going to regret my purchase and end up with a car that makes claims it cannot deliver.

When a car gives a 27/36 range, I expect it to fall in between. The frequency of seeing 21.6, 22.8 and 23.4 on Fuelly and on the forums does not sit well with me.
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