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and remember...this is an AWD vehicle.....which is one of the features I was looking for....fuel economy was also a consideration....but not the primary......just a general statement...if MPG is the first consideration you are looking for in an economy car.....the Impreza isnt it.....look at hybrid models, or the sky active technology perhaps...or other NON-AWD models.......

Otherwise I beleive its way to early to condemn this car solely on MPG.....its been on the market about 3 months now...and not many owners have even passed a reasonable breakin period for the car....which I would suggest is somewhere between 3-5k miles......and after the first oil change.....lets wait and see what the MPGs look like this spring and summer......I think we all will be surprised......
Regardless of the car being AWD, it should still not be so difficult to hit the EPA numbers. The car is already getting the AWD penalty for only being 34/36 MPG when most other cars in the class are 40+ right now. My driving is probably 95%+ highway, I have 5K miles on the car (so the break in period is out the window), and I still can't hit 30 MPG with my normal routine which involve two ~25 minute drives on highways and 45 MPH back roads every day. I see a problem with that. I don't speed, I don't have any massive hill climbs to deal with, I don't accelerate hard, and I am very good at using very little brakes to slow the car. There is one stop light on my path to work, and it is almost always green.

My previous car was rated 30 MPG highway and I was getting better real world MPG than my Impreza is getting right now. That is with the same drives, same speeds, and the same months (I have been using Fuelly for a few years so everything is tracked).

My current MPG is only ~2 MPG better than a 2004 Outback I also drive. That car has an old engine design (and much larger engine), is shaped like a brick, and has the 4EAT transmission, and weighs much more than the Impreza. This is the 4th Subaru in my family, and currently it is the only one that can't get anywhere near the MPG estimate.

Also lets keep in mind that "36 MPG highway" is supposed to be the AVERAGE highway MPG, not the absolute max the car can achieve. People in warmer areas with good driving habits and lots of highway travel should be beating 36 MPG, and literally no one is so far.

If I knew my Impreza would get real world MPG numbers where they are right now, I would have bought a Legacy instead. I think the EPA window sticker is pretty far away from reality.
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