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My thoughts on oil: Some of which is IMHO, some is regurgitation from what I've read and some ... probably way off base.. HAHAaha.

IMHO, Synthetic oil is the way to go unless you are breaking in an engine or have an old and tired engine that might not be sealed as properly. Synthetic tends to help protect more against sludging.

For me, I have used Mobil 1 almost exclusively up until I tried Amsoil. Cost difference for me wasnt that bad. My buddy's discount was ~$9/QT vs the M1 German blend for ~$8/QT. My oil change intervals are hovering around the 10k mile mark. Due to time constraints my last change went till 12k and was quite ... concerned/anxious. However I sent my oil off to Blackstone for a UOA and it came back very good with a recommendation I could go even longer. To note, I am also using the Amsoil oil filter if it makes a hill o beans. I have run the car again to 12k miles (with a couple ice races) and will again send it off for UOA.

According to what has been stated on various forums like QW, Rotella T6 seems to be the new preferred oil for higher end cars & turbo cars. Amsoil isn't too far behind right along side M1 (kind of a preference/available thing), and RP is far in the back. Most also tend to begin relying on UOA reports, almost to an anal level to discern their oil use and change intervals. MOST believe though, that changing a synthetic oil any sooner than 5-6k miles is considered wasting money.

Cliff Notes: I used to use M1, now use Amsoil 0w40. Changing at 10-12k miles with a Blackstone report. You should be fine with a synthetic.
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