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That bike was for sale for $4000. A real bargain at that price with all the other mods on it.

The BST carbon fiber wheels were an additional $2000. Those retail for about $4000 a set.

Here is an article for those interested to read up on the CF technology.
The lighter weight wheels improve everything and give exponential gains in turning, acceleration, braking, etc. Each mod you perform after their addition to the bike is enhanced as well.

Wheels are a bling and performance item, just like on cars. However, the big difference on bikes is that low unsprung mass has a HUGE negative gyroscopic affect which makes the bike flick and change directions in the blink of an eye. It really cannot be understood on paper or typed here on this screen. You must experience it first hand. My Tuono (which Mav rode last year) is a phenomenal handling bike with the stock wheels on it. My Mille R has OZ wheels on it that are 2 pounds lighter on each end. That Mille handles like a completely different bike even though the chassis geometry is the exact same. The wheels make all that difference.

Jcharron and I have ridden my buddies Ducati with CF wheels on it. The thing just changes directions in the blink of an eye.

We will set up a ride this summer so you can experience exactly what I am talking about Mav. I'll put you on each bike back to back so you can hammer the concept home. It is a REMARKABLE difference.

That bike also has woodcraft rear sets and lots of graves aftermarket parts which are all the highest end parts out there for Yamaha's. They are the equivalent of Prodrive or Cosworth to Subarus.

Another point…you probably are already aware you are going to take quite a hit on the cruiser bike with depreciation, but understand that it is likely to be much higher % than it would be if you were to sell a year old car with super low miles. There is huge competition for selling bikes in the early spring here in Alaska. I have already noticed a big jump in postings on Craigslist in anticipation of spring riding season. I will actually be surprised if the Yamaha dealer will even take it in on trade.

Also have you checked the 2012 R6 pricing? Nearly $11,000 ($10,890) for a 600. LOL

I bet a $4000 version is starting to look a whole lot better about right now.

I am absolutely certain that the 2005 model with mods he is selling will run within 0.1% of where the new R6 can with the same rider.

On a lighter note (pun intended) check this bad boy out. Talk about a fun around town bike! woo hoo. I'll be looking for the pricing on these!
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