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Originally Posted by Alairmore View Post
I feel your pain, I've tried all the same ways to disable VDC and maybe even a few more all with the same results.

I've even gone as far as pulling the fuse for VDC/ABS which did disable all traction control even abs but it also disabled power steering and that made the car pretty much imposable to drive.

There must be a way to fully disable the stability control "most likely hidden" and still leave ABS and power steering on.

Here's a short video I made when testing different methods.

Its hard to see in the video but the stability control was working and applying brakes to keep me from really being able to slide =(
Thanks for the video. Good to know I'm not the only one out there doing donuts and sliding around! Did you have the VSC on or "off" in this vid? It doesn't look like the car let you get sideways very much at all. I'm going to try to find the Yaw Rate sensor underneath the center console and see if I can unplug it. Another option we all may have is to unplug one of the wheel speed sensors. Theoretically the ABS, Traction Control and VSC will all be non functioning, but the speedo should still work, and I hope the power steering will also.

Originally Posted by JamesWilson2 View Post
What you are still getting is EBD, even though TC and VDC are off. You can still autocross with it turned "OFF", just don't do a lot of trail braking or the system kicks on pretty violently.

I have gotten my '12 stuck in the mud, greatly sucked. Did not matter if TC/VDC was turned off or on, had to get pulled out. OEM 15" tires are terrible!

But you can autocross, my video from when I got the car, TC off, OEM 15" tires, CVT--

2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i autocross - YouTube
Another great video, thanks! Not to nitpick, but EBD, even though it is part of the other safety systems in this car, is not the culprit. EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) varies the brake balance from front to rear when it detects an uneven weight distribution. In default setting the brake balance may be about 60%/40% front to rear bias. But say if you have 500lbs in the trunk, more rear braking power can be utilized because the tires won't lock up as easily with the extra weight gluing them to the road. Its designed to take advantage of the maximum amount of braking force that can be applied to a wheel without making it lock up. EBD is only active when you are pressing on the brakes. What you may be feeling when trail braking is the VSC cutting in due to the aggressive change in both lateral and longitudinal acceleration combined. Or because the inside tires will be unloaded, this may simply be wheel lockup, where the ABS would intervene. Could be both, but the EBD is a non intrusive system, and probably would never be detectable by the driver.

Because you have a base model with the CVT, I would greatly appreciate if you wouldn't mind leaving some input on a topic I started about the "Sport" light in the center cluster.
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