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So, I started out last night with an experiment. I unplugged the wiring harness at the abs module. The dash lit up like a Christmas tree, the driver's information center at the top middle of the dash only displayed the time and temp, no fuel info, but it seemed to have the effect on the VSC we are so desperately searching for. So I'm buzzin' around the yard and I crank in into some snow, and go nowhere. No traction conrtol, no VSC, and no ABS, but also no power to the rear wheels. It defaulted to Front-Wheel-Drive! Now I'm stuck. Luckily I was able to plug the harness back in, and on restart the ABS and Traction Control and AWD work, but the VSC and a bunch of other idiot lights are still flashing. Needless to say I felt pretty lucky when I felt those rear wheels kick in, I was getting pretty nervous because I didn't know if the AWD would figure it self out, or if I was going to miss work today for a trip to the dealer. After a couple restarts and about a mile of driving all the idiot lights went off and the car began functioning normally So, Test #1 = FAILED. Test #2 went the exact same way. I unplugged the driver's side front wheel speed sensor. Same results as test one, except I knew enough not to get stuck this time! Car defaulted to no VSC, Traction Control, ABS, and no AWD.

So I decided to go on a journey to the depths of the center console. Got the whole center console out, and no Gyrometer or Yaw Rate Sensor in sight! Ok, must be further forward by the shifter right? Nope, just an airbag sensor right behind the shifter cowl on the floor. So I start tearing down the glove box, nothing in there. Under the radio? Not sure, I couldn't get the HVAC controls to come out with the radio bezel, so before I broke it I peered behind there the best I could, but I don't think its back there either. Took a look under the drivers dash, laying on the floor mat looking up, I could see all the wires going to the switch for the VSC. I thought "Briliiant! If I unplug the switch the computer won't know what to do and it will most certainly have to default to VSC off." So I do that, and I am most certainly wrong! Made no difference. The switch is a momentary switch, so its position is not what's important, it only matters that it is pressed once for off, and once for back on. So then I'm thinking, unplug the steering wheel angle sensor, that'll do it. I'm looking up under the dash, and all I can see are a bunch of airbag sensors, wiring harnesses and control units. Ok, not gonna mess with that. Last thing I need is the knee airbag kneeing me in the crotch at 100mph. So I called it a night, put everything back together, and test drove the car to make sure I didn't induce any rattles. I am now very impressed with how this car is built. Everything is mounted solidly, and each piece re-located perfectly after my bending and twisting and prying to get them apart because I've never taken this interior apart before. Once I figured out the order of operations, it was very logical. I'm not giving up just yet on the Yaw Rate Sensor Mod, I just need to do some more research I guess.

Here are the only pics I could get before my phone died.

The ABS Module Wire Harness:

Push down here and lift lever,

Push up until it clicks in, then pull gently until it slides off.

Idiot lights that were on when the ABS harness was unplugged: AT Oil Temp was flashing, didn't get it in the picture.

The Display not displaying:
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