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You don't need to

Umm, yes you do. The US Evo is actually a really great handling car and is under-rated. It has plenty of power. There are several people on that are running 13.5x @ 101+ their first time at the track. With those trap times and the overall weight of the car/driver it equates to 300hp. Not only is it pretty quick it has quicker steering than the Sti 13:1 and has the exact suspension and suspensions settings as j-spec Evo. There are actually people praisning the handling of the US Evo compared to euro/j-spec because they feel the ayc is a hinderence to "feeling" the car. Also, keep in mind several people that have driven the US version of both still feel the US Evo has the overall handling is simple a better chassis/suspension design/setup....argue all you's fact. The Sti will do VERY well with what they have to offer as far as chassis, suspension, etc. but it still lacks compared to the Evo. Power-wise the Sti will of course be a few 1/10ths or so quicker in the 1/4 but a few tenths is really just a drivers race. The Evo is pretty easy to drive quick with it's good lowmidrange power (thanks to twin scroll turbo) and its close ratio gearbox that keeps you in the powerband on each shift.
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