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Lightbulb 2012 Impreza Audio Install

I started the audio install in my 2012 Impreza 2.0i limited today.

My plan for this car will be to add some sound damping/absorption material into the doors and install new 6.5" components.

For this install I purchased:
37.5sq ft of RAAMmat BXT II
4 yards of Ensolite IUO (peel and stick)
JL audio C5-650 components
5.5" ID x 0.75" thick HDPE spacers from AudioIntegrations

The goal of this will be to document the process and provide as much information as I can!

DISCLAIMER: I am providing this detail (without responsibility) about my project to aid those who want to upgrade their car audio. Please use common sense and safety when working in and around your vehicle! If in doubt, ask questions or advice from other members before attempting any upgrades..

First of all, I took some baseline SPL readings with SigScopePro for iphone4 (I know it's not quite the most accurate method.. but better than nothing!):

Next was removing the door cards without breaking anything..
This seems to be the easiest car I have ever taken apart, since there are only 2 screws which attach this to the inner door skin:

With these screws removed, the door card can be pulled off with a moderate amount of force.. I started from this point:

Moving around the door and pulling will free the door card.
Next to separate this from the wiring harness, there are 3 plug-type connectors that need to be removed. Push the little tab in (a small flat-head works well for this) and pull the connector (not the wires)!

The tabs are easier to see here:

The back of the door card, if you are interested in where the clips are:

I removed the vapour barrier with a knife, carefully of course to avoid hacking it to pieces. I found it easy to pull at the edge of the plastic to stretch the butyl and then slice it bit by bit.
After the barrier was removed, I wiped the inside down with a cloth and paint thinner, just to remove excess grease and grime. Since the car is pretty new, there wasn't much there.
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