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Originally Posted by LastResort View Post
It's entirely possible that BFM didn't even know they were supplying a product with the wrong chip, counterfit/remarked/refurbished chips are a quickly growing issue right now.
Actually yes they should know because the cables has been modified inside by them then glued shut with CA glue to keep you out. The CA glue was obvious which is why I did not crack the case to check which chip I had after Windows threw a fit about the driver not containing any info for the hardware with the .inf driver. It is well documented that one needs to jumper some pins inside the module. So they should have been checking which chips have been supplied since they already had it open and they should have done a 2 second plug it into a configured machine and go ahhhhhh it found the device because it will show you what driver it is using. They also should not have glued the case shut because they are not fooling anyone by the way. I find it strange they are not forward about what drivers they are using because the drivers BFM supplied have been obviously renamed to not point to which brand it was, ie FTDI or whoever. It is also painfully obvious they are ftdi drivers due to the fact there other ftdi driver files in the BFM zipped driver download. If you even ope the bfmoportflash.inf the first 2 lines say:

Copyright (c) 2000-2010 FTDI Ltd.

I initially did not mind paying someone alittle extra for a $11-15 VAG cable with some minor mods because I just don't have much free time to screw around with these things and I don't mind helping people who seem to have good feedback with their business. So when you are at the mark up he is with these chinese cables you better bet I expect you to check the chips when you are already inside modifying it especially when the lazy man can just do a quick plugin and realize it did not recognize and/or use the right drivers. Anyway I am getting off my soap box because the horse is dead. I hope this helps people and helps BFM realize an unfortunate mistake has happened and work with people to find a way to make it right. Oh and by the way Win Chip Head is a legit chip company but that dosen't mean it is a plug in play replacement to FTDI. The fact is that no one bothered to just take 2 seconds to check visually or functionally then glues the case shut so you can't visually confirm what you payed for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NO SIR I DON'T LIKE THAT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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