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Originally Posted by LastResort View Post
You miss my point entirely. The chip may be visually identical to the correct chip to the naked eye, but in reality be a blacktopped IC from god knows where. Low margin, ebay vendors selling knockoffs are very vulnerable to this. This kind of counterfeit items are a huge problem in the IC industry right now.
No I did not miss your point, I am heavily into the world of microcontrollers and I am well aware of fraudulent silicon. I noted the maker of the chip which is a reputable company

That facts are:
1. I figured out what the chip was manufacture wise, which I could have
done in a much easier way if some [email protected] did not glue it shut with CA
2. The manufacture, Win Chip Head is a legit company. They don't make
clones and relabel as other manufacturers.
3. BFM supplied drivers for FTDI chips not WinChipHead which was the
actual hardware if someone actually bothered to look when the case
was open.
4. No one obviously took the whole 5 seconds it takes to test the hardware
on a configured computer to see if the computer recognizes the usb chip
and communicated with it using the correct the driver.

Windows is really good about telling you if it recognizes the hardware and what driver it is currently using to communicate with it. If you only install that one specific driver and turn off auto install for devices you will quickly know well under 5 seconds if your hardware is working. If not, further investigate. But that should have been done again like I said when you had the hood off of this thing where it takes you a whole two seconds to visually see the WCH or the FTDI logo on the chip. Hmmmmmmmmmmm what next??????????????
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