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Originally Posted by chanomatik View Post
If it becomes official, you won't be hearing it from SOA Blog first, unfortunately.

Now, if a bunch of different media say that SOA has discontinued the Tribeca, THEN SOA Blog could chime in and confirm.

As it stands it's pretty much just Australia that's decided to discontinue the Tribeca, correct?

I was following a 2010+ Outback yesterday... That think looks like a lowered SUV and looks like it could be modified to seat 7.
It is not unheard of for SIA to keep building a vehicle, for distribution outside of the US market... they build the Legacy Wagon (non-outback) for Canada for a while after SOA stopped offering it to US customers.

Since it doesn't seem to be in the cards to offer us the Forester Boxer Diesel + 6MT.

Supposedly, Outback has the same or more interior volume than the Tribeca, since the OB's 2010 re-design, and the chassis is similar. It is not difficult to imagine Subaru tweaking the Outback to accommodate Tribeca's 3rd row directly across.

It is just sad that the Outback looks so dowdy, inside and out, compared to the Tribeca, and doesn't have the towing capacity, either. But it is almost 500lbs lighter, though, as it is now.

The wife does landscaping projects, so we may get a vehicle with more interior cargo versatility... but she hates wagons, and I don't like Outback's styling enough to disagree with her on that case.

08-10 Tribeca 5-pass is still somewhat pricey as used resale, and a one of the guys around here having huge down-time due to the automatic gearbox is discouraging me from it, but otherwise I would consider that vehicle.

Instead, I am looking at Forester 5-speeds. 09+ is still a bit expensive, too, and part of me would want to hold out for the FB25 '11-12, with easy oil changes (I do them myself), no timing belt concerns, and a bit more torque than the NA-EJ. But I can't consider the XT without a manual gearbox, and the budget is getting a bit tired of paying for premium gas on both the Legacy and SVX now. 50$/week/car, not counting the less expensive, but additional miata fuel bill, is tiresome.

So, Subaru, my question is this, and I realize I probably won't get an answer until an official unveiling...

Will there be a nice swan-song model for the SH Forester for 2013? Like importing the S-Edition, with Legacy GT's drivetrain? If it is fantastic enough, I'll keep buying premium fuel for a 268hp 6MT Forester XT S-Edition in WRB.

It would actually compete with Rav4 V6, and Kia Sportage SX Turbo... which Forester XT is currently losing face to right now, and be more AWD competent than either one of those faux-wheel-drivers with rear-wheel-assist on a FWD drivetrain.

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