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Originally Posted by thom52 View Post
I am starting to think the Sea Foam gas cleaner solution is worth a shot.

We have a 10 year period of increased solar activity....I am really hoping thats not it.

No bad effects seen so far? I can't find the Owner's Manual reference recommending against it. I was either dreaming or they have it REALLY hidden. I have NEVER heard of a car that can't use standard fuel system cleaner additives. After all, they put a light dose of them right into Chevron gas....We use Chevron gas. D'oh! Maybe that IS the problem? You can't EVER clean the fuel system on this car???

Probably best to try it during the warranty period and just play it as dumb as the dealers are playing it with us about the hard start problem. "Nope, no additives, not me, not ever."
All modern gas has cleaners and detergents in it. It is impossible to put NO cleaners through the car, because its in the gas already. Presumably the warning is in the manual so SOA can cover their asses in case someone dumps something harmful into the fuel, or goes way overboard on fuel treatment.
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