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Originally Posted by Alairmore View Post
I'm sure someone els can explain it Better then me but basically the car will allow a little bit of slide where you are traveling in a different direction then your wheels are pointing but once you get over the very little thresh hold it will hit the bakes on one or more wheels to strighting you out. You will know when it's doing it cause you can hear the abs controller going off it sounds like really fast clicking or kind of grinding under your hood on the passenger side.
A lot of newer cars do this unfortunately. "OFF" means "slightly less" and that is about it. I had a 2009 car (non Subaru) and when I turned off the ESC, it was actually off and there was no assist. Then in 2011 models of that car came out and turning off ESC still pretty much left everything engaged

Now with my 2012 Impreza, I don't even both messing with it after the first 5 minutes. This is unfortunate, because I had a great time with two older non-ESC Subarus. One of those cars was a 1993 Legacy wagon 5 speed. I had 4 studded snow tires and driving that thing sideways in the winter made me so giddy I could barely stay in the seat.
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