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Then folding those pieces in, will provide some additional damping.

Next was the Ensolite (CCF) to absorb some road noise. This was applied in a 12"x8" patch on the outer door skin (behind the woofer driver), as well as the entire inner door skin. I found that using smaller pieces of CCF worked best.
As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to seal the door as best as possible, so I folded the CCF over the top edge of the inner door skin, so that the door card will now push a little harder against the window.
I really hoped that some of this effort provided beneficial results, but will I ever really know for sure? ()

By now I believe the rain had started again, but I wanted/needed to get the project done.. I marked (with a center punch) locations on the 0.75" HDPE door spacers, drilled pilot holes (blind holes) and mounted the woofer driver. Here is the mounted driver and foam speaker baffle that is hopefully going to keep the moisture off:

I cut the bottom half of the baffle to allow some air movement:

Then attached the spade clips to the driver, covered the contacts with heat shrink and screwed the assembly into the inner door skin.

The lighting was not great, apologies for the image quality..
Last step was to mount and attach the cross-overs (I only chose the door as a temporary location, they will be moved under the passenger seat):

I think the zip-ties finish the deal, they keep it neat and tidy..
not to mention, that wire cant get into any of the mechanisms inside the door..
Here is my severely half-assed tweeter bracket, the top hole is nearly triangular.. but it holds the tweeter, so I was happy. Again, this is made from the left over sheet metal:

Before putting the door card back in place, I applied CLD and CCF to the back-side to try and cut down any rattles.. plus I have lots of this stuff left over anyways:
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