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Default Shiv's thoughts on Sti vs. Evo

Pretty good comparison...can't wait until more can be said after the May 1 embargo.
Here is his (Shiv's) review posted on

"I'm anything but unbiased. So please don't put too much weight in my preference. After all, it is just that... a preference. And it's based upon my particular driving habits which, as some will testify, is quite enthusiastic by even enthusiast's standards. Also keep in mind that I already have two Subarus so I'm somewhat accustomed to how they drive and what to expect from them. While I'm not bored of them, they are becoming awfully familiar.

That said, my preference is the EVO. To me, it's a better fit. It does all the little, but very important, things very well. During threshold braking, the pedal is still high and firm enough to heel/toe blip without unwanted braking modulation. The steering wheel colunn doesn't get in the way of my knees (I'm 6' tall with long legs). The brake pedal is wide enough for left foot braking. The door panel doesn't rub the side of my knee when I use it to brace myself. The seats hold me well enough so I don't have to exert myself to keep upright. The shifter is quick and positive enough to double-clutch into first gear at 20mph, time after time again, without looking like a dork. The steering is super-quick but has enough feedback and self-centering traits to keep from over-correcting from a botched slide. At the limit, it's not an idiot-proof, dumbed-down car that is designed to keep uninterested drivers on the road, pointing in the right direction. It only plows when you enter a turn too fast or get on the gas too hard. It's super stable, yet totally placeable during trailing throttle/braking.

The STi does have it's strengths, of course. And they should be fairly obvious. Nothing short of a 911 turbo will compare to the way it absolutely launches out of tight turns. Short gearing and lots of immediate, lag-free torque will make you smile There's more but that will have to wait until May

But personally, I'm more comfortable with making more power than making something handle/ride better. While both involve juggling compromise, the latter is a lot more subjective and harder to quantify and even harder to appreciate without some driver committment.

But keep in mind that I'd be perfectly have happy owning either car. But given the current situation, I'm not at all unhappy having gone with the EVO. But it's still early and I have yet to get my tuning paws on the STi. Preferences may change. And then they may change back again. It never ends. Both are awesome cars. Great in their own environments. A fellow journalist who I trust prefered the STi for its muscle-car traits. Different strokes for different folks."
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