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Originally Posted by Skunkers View Post
I think he's saying a 200hp Civic Si is over $20K so why wouldn't a 200hp RWD sports car be a bit more?
Exactly. And even with the Civic Si, I think it broke the $20k barrier by the 2007 model year, and it's currently in the $22k range.

I was hoping for it to start at around the same, which would slaughter the Civic Si coupe's sales (as I think only die-hard Honda enthusiasts would pick it over a similarly-priced FR-S, unless there ends up being some major issue with the FR-S requiring lots of recalls), but I figured they would price it slightly higher, make a few extra bucks and still be competitive sales-wise. I was thinking $23k, so the $24,200 base price (without the destination charge) is a little higher than what I had expected, especially when you realize that Scions have pure pricing (so you cannot negotiate the sale price of a new Scion) while its competitors priced similarly can probably get the price reduced with some haggling.

Originally Posted by justincredible View Post
It's about $3000 overpriced IMO. Unless it comes pretty well equiped.
I don't think it's going to be equipped the way you think. Remember that the BRZ is going to get the nicer interior that we've seen in pictures, matching what the Toyota GT-86 is getting. The Scion FR-S variant is getting cheaper interior pieces, like the ribbed HVAC knobs that are used in the entire Scion lineup. It's probably not going to have much fancy stuff, but we'll see.

Originally Posted by AndyRoo View Post
BRZ really doesn't have THAT much more than the FRS. Really just the standard NAV....i'm still expecting a little over 25 for the premium and maybe another 2k for the limited.
But the entire dashboard and HVAC controls are different units that are much nicer... not that it really affects the car's operations much, but it's a better interior overall.

Originally Posted by e11ys View Post
It's about $1,500-$2,000 above what I was expecting, but I'd say it's still a good deal for what you're getting. Unfortunately that will probably mean the BRZ starts around $27k. Standard HID's, Nav, etc is going to add a few grand. That's still not a big deal, since options like that are not cheap to add, but it might hurt for people that want the Subaru version but don't want to pay high $20k's for it. Maybe the pricing will come down if sales aren't what they expect, but for some reason I don't think they'll have trouble selling these for whatever they ask.
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