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Originally Posted by jparker070 View Post
What do you consider "acceptable" freeway mileage and what are the driving styles for the people achieving "acceptable" freeway mileage? IS the impreza an economy car? No its not and I don't remember seeing it being advertised as one. It is advertised as the most fuel efficient AWD according to EPA standards, and as we all know EPA standards differ from actual drving.
The EPA numbers are supposed to represent AVERAGE MPG, so people should be able to beat it with good driving techniques, warm weather, and good car maintenance.

I have the following working in my favor:
Warm outside
No traffic on my route
I drive like a grandma and use cruise control
I don't speed
My car is fully broken in
My route is 20 miles each way

I would like to think I should be knocking on 36 MPG right now without a problem. What the heck else has to change for me to get EPA MPG? I don't now what else has to fall in place for anyone to hit the MPG mark over a full tank of gas.

Also with my previous cars, I *never* got under the CTY MPG rating on a tank of gas (with ~250 tanks recorded). This includes doing stupid stuff like idling cars in the winter while I went shopping and warming up the car for so long in the winters that I never used an ice scraper. With the Impreza I don't do that stuff anymore and I have gotten under the CTY MPG number on five tanks of gas, with no city driving. Currently I am still having trouble beating the real world MPG of my old 2009 car that was rated 30MPG highway. With that previous car, I could beat the EPA number with good driving habits, and I would be under them when I was heavy on the gas and such.

I don't find it "acceptable" that most people are well off the mark of the expected MPG.
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