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I am going to have respectably disagree with the last two posts(thom52 and ocellaris). The EPA ratings are from a specific set of tests. Look at the link I will post. For example, on their city test they drive at 21 mph. Most drivers do not drive like that. You cant look at the EPA ratings and expect to get those numbers if you dont drive the same way as the test. It is well known that the EPA ratings differ from actual driving. It is performed under ideal conditions that most will never see. Some of these cars are not even tested on a real road, they are done in a lab.

You need to keep in mind how the EPA comes up with their numbers. Real world driving will get less mileage than the EPA most of the time. People need to realize that this is true for most cars, not just the impreza. If you are mad that the impreza isn't meeting the EPA ratings, don't complain about the car necessarily. Complain about the EPA's test. It's is not fully relevant to real world driving. Keep in mind that this will be true for most cars. So if the civic is claiming 40 mpg or the impreza is claiming 36mpg from the EPA's test you have to keep in the back of your mind that your mileage will be lower.

AS i have said in previous posts, city/highway driving is different everywhere. So you can't compare people all over the world. There is also different driving types. These all play into the mpg. I average 28mpg. Most of my driving is done on the highway at 70-80mph. Do you think im going to get 36mpg. I don't and according to the EPA i wouldnt either. I still happen to think it is good. Put a couple thousand miles on the cars before people make these claims. Then we can all see if there is a serious problem that Honda had with their hybrid not to long ago.
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