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Originally Posted by RxMPLS View Post
Also..l can see your numbers on fuelly. From what I see, you are not "drastically below EPA". In fact, most of your tanks are very near to the mixed average that's expected (27 city, 36 highway, 30 mixed). You have had two tanks (out of seventeen) below city EPA, but only by a maximum of 1.7 mpg less than city. That doesn't say much.
Ok technically I have 4 fill ups on Fuelly that are under 27 MPG. I am not counting the first tank of gas in the car (which was like 26.x) because I don't know how full it really was when I took it home (dealer claims they pumped until it clicked)... I am really OCD about this stuff, so since I didn't pump the gas myself, I didn't record it on Fuelly.

Also while I am near the mixed average, I don't do any city driving. I live in rural Maine, in a small town with more pizza places than stop lights. I work in a different town and to get there in back I only encounter one light which is usually green. I basically walk out of my house in the morning, sit down, get up the speed, click on cruise control, slow down for a couple of corners (without using the brakes), and 25 minutes later I am at work
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