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2002 ver 7 EJ207 WRX

Default V7 EJ207 into 02 Bugeye Swap

Hi Everyone,

I don't want to clutter up the EJ207 Owners thread with my questions, so I started this one to consolidate all the questions I'll be having while doing my swap.

My hope is for this thread to help those deciding to go with a JDM V7 and hopefully serve as a resource for those who are/were in the same boat as me. I've swap many B-series, but this is my first attempt at a EJ motor and so I am as clueless as it comes. And the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. As I go through the steps, hopefully those with past experiences can chime in with tips to help others.

The run down:
I decided on the JDM swap since one of my cylinders showed only 30psi upon compression. Rebuliding the EJ205 would've cost ALMOST as much as complete swap, so after reading the EJ207 owners thread (all 187 pages at the time), I made the decision to go ahead with the JDM engine. My main goal was to have a reliable DD with a bit of extra punch (and extra insurance with the forged internals), that I can take it to a HPDE event maybe twice a year. I'm not going crazy with power upgrades, perhaps Stage 2, or sometime down the line a slightly bigger turbo than the stock VF30. I wish I had the money to buy the 6spd, but I will have to hold off on that until the 5spd finally dies.

Here is what I have purchased and the cost:
Ver 7 EJ207 (EJ207DW3R) long block: $4000 shipped
Gates Timing belt kit with water pump: $290 shipped
NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs: $29.00 shipped
AVCS wiring kit(used): $50 shipped via NASIOC classified (IAPerformance sells for $200)
Mobile 1 Synthetic ATF for powersteering pump: ~$10 for 1 quart
Peak Long Life coolant ~$12 for a gallon

Koyo Radiator: $315 shipped
Samco Radiator hoses: $110 shipped
Exedy OEM clutch (KSB03 from Amazon): $173 shipped

I will try to update as I go along with the swap.

I received my motor yesterday and proceeded to clean and change out all of the maintenance items.

NASIOC Threads that helped me along the way. Thanks to the original posters of all these threads. I will remove if you wish.

DIY: Pull your own motor

Meaty's Timing Belt Changing Guide

How To: 02/03 Clutch and flywheel

Can’t Change gears when running

How To Read Wiring Diagram

Power Steering How-To

How to repin the ECU

Update: What worked for me

For emission/SMOG Inspections:

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any violation of federal/state laws that you should adhere by. These are purely my own personal opinions and will not be held liable should you be found in violation of said laws.

Each state have different requirements for emission related inspections. I can confirm that in California, JDM ECU's WILL NOT work with the state inspection computers. In order for the computer to recognize and read your vehicle, you MUST utilize a USDM ECU and have the TGV codes forced to readiness.
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