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<GTF> that's a tad
<GTF> off
<mattk> isnt that the music festival kz went to?
<mattk> i think i understand why he went now
<m750> this should be knowledge I've learned by now... do not click on gtf links.
<kz> yes, that's the festival I went to in 2010
<kz> it seems to have gotten even more spring-breaky
<Fish> vs? it was far more academic before?
<kz> hahah
<mattk> methinks "i went for the music" is kind of like "i read it for the articles"
<thug> hah
<thug> i didnt click but i assume it's the chick humping the tree?
<mattk> not that there's anythign wrong with that, of course!
<kz> say what you want, it was the only chance I had to see Faithless in my life
<GTF> indeed thug
<kz> thug: yes
<GTF> that festival looks rapey
<GTF> rapey
<kz> haha
<JGard> my kinda place
<iamrazor> hahahah
<mattk> kz: no reason you can't see faithless AND get your weiner touched by a E-d out college coed
<kz> that girl is TRASHED
<kz> mattk: troof
<mattk> gtf: you said rapey twice
<kz> that's fair
<GTF> i like rapey
<kz> it's at least 2x rapey
<iamrazor> emphasis on the rapey
<kz> now with moar rapey
<GTF> and i would imagine my pecker would feel like the bark of that tree by th end of said festival
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