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Originally Posted by grzydj View Post
I don't think there is either. Maybe Subaru just wants to finish up this run of Outbacks with its current configuration and migrate over to a new engine/trans combo with the next model. Maybe the economy of scale metrics don't work out to pay for changes to line production in the US or something.

It's strange that they did it mid-model on the Forester though. Maybe because it is built in Japan?

It is a bit baffling to say the least.
I don't think there is any sort of *confirmation* that the EJ is still there, or the FB has replaced it or not replaced it.

The comment was
Originally Posted by banyan
According to source, the only things that have changed are - the interior, headlights, grill and bumper. So, they will probably continue to use EJ engine.
The engine comment was conjecture.

The interior, headlights, grille, and bumper are externally visible changes, or at least they were until they were removed. You can extrapolate that as a tacit confirmation of sorts that they were legit, or not. That is up to you.

Unless they saw the engine under the hood, which is not among the photographs that were leaked, there is no information one way or the other about the engine... the engine is not outwardly visible, and cannot be determined from photographs of the exterior of the car, or the interior visible trough the windows. One could examine the photographs, and probably extrapolate the list of visible changes that the source is referred to giving.

It has not been established that the engine is not changing, it simply wasn't listed amongst the visibly noticeable changes, because it isn't visibly noticeable.

It is possible that it might not change. (and I would wonder why not)

It is possible that the engine might be the FB25 now. (which would make some sense)

But so far, lack of evidence is not evidence in itself.
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