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Originally Posted by Snow Drift View Post
The car was never marketed properly. Subaru needs to pay the car magazines to do a Legacy GT vs 335xi vs S4 comparisons. It will lose them all overall, but it would get the word out that there is another option for a lot less.

At the very least, they need to get comparisons of all the new turbo-4's. LGT, A4, 328xi, Regal GS, etc etc etc.
I don't think the car was ever planned properly in the first place. It's got middle of the pack power, family sedan handling, class low MPG, only available with a rubbery manual tranny, and it looks homely. Who is this car aimed at? If you are going to build an enthusiast model then build it. It's like they planned a Camry SE competitor but decided to make it manual only. Who wants that?

At minimum they should have made a unique aggressive fascia, brembos, significantly stiffer suspension, faster steering ratio, and a standard short shifter. Then you would have a car that people might actually be interesting in buying without the expense of putting the STi drivetrain in. Which I still think they should have done. There is a bigger market for a poor man's S4/M5 than there is for a oddly pieced together family sedan. I'm sure they were trying to save money but they really just flushed all the GT development money down the toilet. I have no doubt that car wasn't profitable after development and certification cost.

Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post

It finally has a great distinctive look and they only powertrain I would entertain is gone!

I will admit though that the 3.6R may be worth a test drive. However, I just had the WONDERfUL experience of driving a brand spanking new 2012(2013?) 335i sedan. WOW. What a car.
Why would you want a 3.6R? It's not sporty. I could go buy a Chrysler 300 and it will have more room, nicer interior, better features, it's faster, and it gets significantly better gas mileage.

I'm sure the new 335i is awesome, probably even the 328i but I hate the eyebrow headlights.
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