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I did this in my 2004 WRX. I have to admit that this thread has some really awesome info on getting your dash and HVAC light color to be blue!!! I wanted to add some more knowledge that is note worthy. It DOES only take 6 bulbs to do the gauge cluster and 2 for the HVAC, BUT the OP did not include the fact that each blinker is a bulb, the battery light, the high beam, doors open, engine, etc. all the things that would light up in the cluster are their own light bulb. Now, they are same exact led light bulb that you use in the hvac and cluster, you just need more than originally stated. I left the battery light, the door open light, engine light, and low gas light the original colors. I did swap the blinkers as I had two extra led bulbs to do the key ring and cruise, while I had the cluster out. I will say that the bright lights indicator, although being blue already, doesn't match unless you put an led in it, I checked. Just wanted to let everyone know what I learned. Easiest mod I have done with the biggest change/outcome. Difficulty 2/10 End Result 10/10!

because I never whore a picture out....

I also wanted to say after cruising around a little last night and this morning, I wish I had gotten enough bulbs to do the high beam and door open as well. I ordered 10 and wish I had ordered this many:

HVAC --- 2 bulbs
Cluster -- 6 bulbs ( This only does the gas, temp, rpm, and speedometer dials)
Cluster -- 5 bulbs (left blinker, right blinker, door open, battery, high beams)
Misc ---- 4 bulbs (key ring, fog lights, ash tray, glove box)

The above count of 17 bulbs, I'd buy eighteen or nineteen to be safe in case one is defective, will replace all the crappy stock bulb with an led of this model, in original post, of your choice. it was very easy and other than having to pinch the tri-led bulbs in a little so they would literally fit in the holes, there was not any other manipulation that was need. I do suggest having an extra hand or completely taking out the cluster. I had help so I left it plugged it so I could compare what things I wanted to keep red, like the battery light in my case. The back of the cluster pops off, Its just a white cover that's not hooked to anything at all, which helped greatly as I could get to the removable backs for the lights. Not that you can't get to the back of lights without taking this off, it just gave me more tip room, finger tip room that is. There isn't any wiring for each light, as it twist locks in and is powered by being locked against the circuit bored. Like mentioned before, if the bulbs doesn't come on, in my case, it was only two causes. 1. The bulb wasn't pushed in the holder all the way. 2. The base twist lock that holds the bulb needed to be spun 180 degrees as it was in backwards, seeing as how led's only work with electricity flowing one way. *****IF YOU USE ONE OF THESE TRI LEDS FOR THE ODOMETER AREA, IT IS 3X BRIGHTER THAN THE REST OF THE GAUGES! i AM SWITCHING TO A SINGLE LED AS IT IS VERY OVERWHELMINGLY BRIGHT AT NIGHT. THE THREE BULBS ARE GREAT FOR EVERYTHING ELSE.*****
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