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Originally posted by Eby
In the latest edition of best motoring, the new STI beat the EVO VIII. That's JDM too, so our STI will be better than those in the video, and our EVO worse. As I've always said though, between cars that perform so closely to eachother, the better driver will usually win.

The STI may not have quite as stiff of suspension as the EVO, but does it really matter if it's lapping nearly as fast as it, or in this case faster. It'll just make for a better car in the real world where most of us will do the majority of our driving. That's why I laugh when the EVO guys trash the STI for it's suspension. Most of them will never use the car on a track and to it's full potential where their stiff suspension will really make any difference. The STI's suspension will be more comfortable, and handle better on the rough/potholed streets that most of us encounter. The STI's power and low end torque will also make a huge difference in real world driving. Plus you've got DCCD to play with, can we say power on oversteer? Sounds like more fun if you ask me, and that's really what it comes down to. Which car will be the most
fun to you.
Hi Eby. I agree with most of all your statements.

I don't see however the Evo guys trashing the STi. I am a regular at, as I am about the get my Evo. I have not seen it there. It seems to me, that the people here has a lot more bad thinks to say about the Evo. As for me, I would love to have to higher torque on low rpms, as well as the straight line acceleration. However, I am sold on the Evo as it felt very stiff, that is the quality I have been looking in a car.

We are very fortunate we are getting both cars.

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