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Originally Posted by Overland04 View Post
Yeah it totally limits the intake possibilities. It'll work for now but if I go any further with the motor a new bracket will be in order.
I'm not really sure how I got this bracket either, I'm guessing when you order a EBCS for a 2011+ WRX you're getting the LGT bracket now... I never noticed it was wrong until I took another look at yours.

I think I noticed you took off you Hybrid too, what was your reason? Mine was just tuner related, EFI didn't know what the hell to do with it so I now have a brand new MBC paper weight, lol
When I did the motor swap I decided I would try going back to just the EBCS. A couple pulls and I knew I could not stand the flutter. With the amount of noise created by the EWG, it was unbearable. I have now gone back to just running the MBC alone. Very simple and the boost comes on great.

Originally Posted by Overland04 View Post
Hey Robb thanks for the explanation, it make much more sense!
So how are you liking your setup? Since I'm not too worried about corner handling as much as basic ride quality at the moment I'd be interested in knowing more about the simple spring/shock setup you have. I would think it's a better ride then on coilovers as I can't see a stiff bumpy ride with a little one in the back seat.

I know in handling terms I'm doing it backwards but in all honestly I haven't had the reason to drive hard enough to worry about handling and body roll yet so my immediate goal would be to get to and from work without my fillings falling out or kidneys bruised, lol
It sounds like you want low+ride quality. The best way to do this is coilovers. Expensive coilovers. Don't expect to pay less than $2k. If you really want good ride quality you will probably have to spend a lot more. If you actually want to be able to turn, then get sway bars I recently decided I might want to go for function>form and swap my coilovers for the Bilstein/RCE setup that rsutton has. Similar price but it should be smoother, and likely will handle better. Only "downside" is that it isn't nearly as low.

Originally Posted by Overland04 View Post
The tear down and rebuild begins...
I have two weeks before the front rotors show up so I have plenty of time to do a super clean rebuild and re-paint.

Besides the calipers I bought everything new for the conversion:

DBA 4000 T-Slot front rotors
OEM Seal kit
OEM Sliders, Pin clips, Springs
OEM Bleeders
OEM Caliper Bolts
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Pads - TBD (something for street only + very quiet) Thinking StopTech Street Performance or Hawk HPS

Oh, yeah BTW these calipers are HUGE!!! A lot bigger than expected.
Nice! I was eying up some Brembo's locally. They're a lot more expensive than that, but they come with everything to bolt right up (although they could use a paint job). I might hold off for now, to free up cash for my suspension experiment. The other downside for me is that Brembo's will require a new winter wheel/tire setup, so it's probably another $500-1000+ more to do the swap and still be able to drive in the winter.
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