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It holds solidly above 6k unlike a "small" 16g, but initial spool up looks.... meh......

here's a "small" 16g I tuned recently. You can see it starts dropping boost after 5500rpm unlike the "16g-XTR" that Ron has...

And again, transient response (as KillerB mentioned) is not something being displayed graphically in our discussion and I would be willing to bet with the BB, its gonna be as good or better than the "small" 16g. The reason I compare it to a "small" 16g is because this is typically considered as the "fastest spooling turbo upgrade over the TD04," and people looking for spool up more than power output would be interested in this data.

A little off beat here, but here's my 2 liter with ball bearing 20g. It looks like similar spool to the "16g-XTR" and can definitely displace more air at the same boost levels....

I'd be interested in an Airboy plot from ron's car so we can have a more apples to apples comparo...

EDIT: Ron, I don't know if you noticed, but your IAM (dynamic advance multiplier for AP) dropped from 16 from the dyno log, to 13 when you did the log posted in post#9 and there's some fine learning knock during spool up. Might wanna investigate/have your tuner take a look..... (*not being a di(k, just pointing it out)
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