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Default JDM and USDM power steering fitment difference

I got quite a bit done, actually finished the swap. Sorry, I did not take any pics of the actual swap, but you can search if you need detail instructions on how to remove/install the motor elsewhere on the forum.

I wanted to share with you some of the differences regarding acessories. Here is the power steering line and reservoir difference.

As you can see from this pic, the power steering reservoir on the JDM outlet (steering rack side) is different from the USDM one. The JDM reservoir outlet angles downward whereas the USDM is almost perpendicular to the bottom of the reservoir. The EJ207 I got had the lines clipped at the rack, which necessitated me to use the USDM line, so I ended resuing the USDM reservoir.

Because I am reusing the the USDM power steering lines, the fitment at the pump was a bit of a headache. In this picture, the line (copper-colored) installed is the USDM. The aluminum-colored line is the JDM power steering line. As you can see, the length of the line where it bends down toward the pump is slightly different; the USDM is shorter, whereas the JDM one is a bit longer. In order to thread the USDM line onto the JDM power steering pump (which I had to because the line was cut), you have to push down while threading the bolt. The line bolts down but just with a bit of effort. No far. The one thing I am concerned is that the line does exert a bit of pressure on the inlet, I'll keep an eye on it.

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