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Default Motor swapped, new clutch will not engage: FIXED

I installed a new Exedy OEM (KSB03 from Amazon) when the motor was out. Everything was buttoned up. Newly resurfaced flywheel, new pilot bearing, installed the disc (flush side against flywheel, with the engraving "T/M side" facing the tranny), used alignment tool, then installed the clutch pressure plate. I then snapped the greased throw out bearing onto the pressure plate, engaged the clutch fork into the two fingers, and dropped the motor in.

With the car OFF, the transmission allows me to select all the gears without the clutched engaged. With the clutch depressed, I start the car and it idles fine in neutral. However with the car idling, I cannot engage any gears if I try to engage the clutch. After searching, I found this thread Can't change gears when running. So I decided to give it a try. With the car off, I put the transmission in first gear. Start car and sure enough the car lurches forward just like the other thread stated. I tried it a few times, and then shuts the car off with the car in first gear. Now the tranny is stuck in first and I can't disengage the gear.

I bled the slave cylinder, and then replace it due to busted seal. I used the vacuum bleeding method. The clutch pedal stays down after depressing it, but I can feel the hydraulic pressure as it has about 2 in of pressure if I fully depress it to the floor. I will try to bleed (for the umpteenth time) the system again.

What could cause the engagement problem? Is this a "stuck clutch"? What would cause the clutch to be stuck? Or does this have anything to do with the hydraulic not providing enough pressure to push the throw out bearing? I will look down the clutch fork hole to verify it is still engaged to the TOB.

I would hate to have to pull the motor again....
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