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Just to verify: this info is for the 4.3" non-nav HU (CM631UD or PF-3391A-A).

There are two unused connectors on the back of the unit, next to each other. The schematic shows:

8 pin connector (J901)
pin 1: CV(+)
pin 2: N.C.
pin 3: CAM +5V
pin 4: N.C.
pin 5: CV(-)
pin 6: CAM DET
pin 7: GND
pin 8: N.C.

This connector appears to be for the backup camera. A reverse signal is also present on the main connector, so I'm assuming this selects the backup camera video if CAM DET is grounded.

The camera composite video should be connected to CV(+) (signal) and CV(-) (ground).
Although the schematic shows pin 3 as +5V, it's really +6V.

12 pin connector (P903)
(I'm going by what's shown on the schematic signals, not the text description next to it, which doesn't match)
pin 1: SCAM_COMP
pin 2: N.C.
pin 3: N.C.
pin 4: N.C.
pin 5: VTR_AUDIO_L+
pin 6: VTR_AUDIO_R+
pin 7: VTR_AUDIO_R-
pin 8: VTR_AUDIO_L-
pin 9: N.C.
pin 10: VIDEO DET
pin 11: VIDEO_GND
pin 12: N.C.

This connector appears to be for another video input. It also looks like grounding the VIDEO DET pin will enable this video. I think this is what the PAL/NTSC select in the hidden menu is for. The video should be connected to the SCAM_COMP input.

No guarantees on any of this! I'm just reporting what the schematic shows; I haven't connected video to any of this pins.

Maybe SVXdc has found a source for the backup camera connector by now?
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