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Originally Posted by NoGraffix View Post
I think the simple fact that the car has lasted as long as it has without destroying gears really is a HUGE testimate to how much better the stock WRX gearing is now over the 02-07 models. Be honest though xluben how often do you see WOT (daily?), how hard do you shift through the gears (I'd imagine from the video quickly, but doesn't look like you are slamming it), how long do you expect it to last.

When I first tuned mine on e85 I was worried that 360wtq was going to take my trans down, but it has been going strong now for about 4 months with it. Without a doubt I drive my car fairly hard, I don't abuse it, but it does seem hard corners, WOT, and redline just about daily. I'd love for your prime example of an 08+ wrx gearset really proving all of the buzz about how it's "supposedly stronger" then its predecessors gearset.
My commute to work is less than 10 miles each way, so it generally doesn't see that much WOT. Maybe a few times each day, but there are a lot of days I don't go WOT at all. Of course there are some days where I go WOT a lot more and also bang through the gears. In the video I'm FFS'ing, so it is pretty rough on the tranny. I used to do that every once in a while, but I've pretty much held off on doing that since installing the 4 puck clutch.
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