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Originally Posted by wrxgirl08 View Post
I really really have a hard time believing that the stock map is that bad, and any modifications usually aren't great for your car. Not necessarily bad but they will wear out other parts related to them faster. To be honest I don't think modding a car with 200 miles is a great thing. So much for your warranty.
I 2nd motion that. Even IF the stock map is THAT BAD. You still have warranty to cover it!!!! People dont know what warranty can do. Once you flash that bad boy, and dealer tells SOA whats up. SOA loss and prevention will come here. Find you, and then next thing you know, you are bitching on the warranty thread section of how SOA is a piece of poopy doo doo because they denied your warranty claim.
PS. If you have a 2007 subaru wrx sti and you are complaining about the horrible stock map. I can sympathise, anything else, just wasting badnwidth n memories.

amp2oo1, nice ride, when your rally amour flaps fall off. Try ikea dralla cutting board. But then again, if you can afford a corvette,i think you can afford another rally amour flaps, but here is the link anyway, i found on the forum. Going to do that to my 2012 pbp
5 dollars flaps. instead of 149 dollars.
back up reference.
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