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Originally Posted by creative wrx View Post
the car hits boost and just keeps going cant wait for it to be back on E85 and see what it does with the new motor.
Thanks for all your help Dom, your VF shall do work shortly

Originally Posted by spoolinsti05 View Post
good work Jr. ****'s gonna ripe when you going to the track man?
Maybe the weekend, just enjoying it for now. Perfect DD, ice cold AC, handles, stops, pulls, and I can lug around the rottie and kid comfortably.

Originally Posted by OppositeLock View Post
^Nice! I'll save you some build trouble, just retune mine and I'll run it enough to get in to the 11's! You know, just trying to help you out.
Hit me up and lets do it!!

Im figuring if my 3500lb XT went [email protected], a 2800-3000lb STI will go a little faster

Originally Posted by soon2bblackongold View Post
Thanks jr, it's hard to put the words down when ALMOST everyone is doubting. Can't wait to see your work on the gtr world.
Trust me I know I don't even argue, I just let the cars do the talking

Im taking it slow with the GTR stuff... Not very many made and def a lot of people tuning them, plus I have JohnV

Originally Posted by Bariga View Post
New Rails? Are they o-ringed or NTP threaded?
Oring, I had the old style NPT ones.

Originally Posted by manitou View Post
Wow I was thinking you had that 6266 on there, so you did not even install that turbo. I was thinking about the 5862 CEA for my XTI once I do the motor. What is the final calculated compression ratio you're running and what headers do you have on the XTI? Still rocking the Spearco TMIC?

That curve looks pretty linear and pretty darn early as well, no lag at all, making 300 WTQ at 3700-3800, I'm sure you could fit a stock VF curve inside of it.

Very NICE!!
Im not even doing much WGDC tuning to make it spool, I am still using the old settings from the stock motor. It comes in about 500 rpm faster.
62 will be going on in a few weeks, compression I will do shortly. I am not sure were it ended up. Spearco still kicking ass

Originally Posted by juanmedina View Post
He needs a 6466, it seems that the 6466 is a beast
My ultimate goal is 600tq/700whp on e85, I made 800whp with a 6266 so I think I will get were I want with the 62 and still have my TQ
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