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Default Fully built N/A engine in my car finally!

You guys probably remember me posting this mod list over 4 months ago, and finally its a reality! You gusy diddnt think i was a liar did you ?

Ok, the random tec cat was taken off and replaced with a stock cat until i get a new random under warranty. also the 9lb flywheel diddnt go on b/c is diddnt come in, so i have a lightend stock flywheel on (14lb). the 9lb will go on next week or maybe the week after, it has to arrive first. It revvs very quickly with the 14lb flywheel and the lightend/balanced crank, I like that a lot for sure.

THE (pre break-in) REVIEW:
Ok, we were given the green to rev to 6,000 after 50 klms by everyone (the shop who used these pistons in just about every car says no problem), so it was tuned to 6,000 rpm after 50 klms.

It's alright below 4,000rpm,it isnt torqueless, still good useable power. After that it pulls very hard to 6,000, reminds me when it had only heads/cams and ported intake manifold (a bit faster actually). But the car is fun already! They also said it will get better and faster as it breaks in and after 6,000rpm it will really scream. Its runs very very smoothly,not too loud but good and rumbly.

It was given a very basic tune for break in as well as a very safe other words it isnt tuned for power in mind, only safety for the engine right now. Im also running 91 octane gas, after this tank i have to put in 94 all the time, and 94 octane with tuning will show good results. So even with the car just barely touching the powerband, not tuned for power, and a tight engine which will get faster it still puts a huge grin across my face, so I have good hopes for the nest tuning session.

I go in for tuning up to 8,500 rpm on friday after it has 500 klms on it (it will, trust me!) and it will be completely tuned for power. I cant wait until i can go to full redline and feel what it really has and what its designed for. They said I will not be dissappointed, it is designed for top end power and with 94 octane, tuning and a broken in engine it will be great (I really hope).

Im so excited to drive it around now, and everything is going fine. It really itches to go when it climbs to 4,000, but im very nice to the engine. I also have piston slap when cold, but thats not a problem it goes away once warm of course. It also drinks gas like crazy and 94 octane aint cheap.
Comments/questions please!
Anyway heres the mods in case you missed it:
strommung cat back 2.25"
random tech high flow cat
borla headers
cobb cai
UD pulley
Closed deck block
lightend/balanced/knife edged crankshaft
custom billet con rods from Oliver
custom 11:1 compression pistons from CP (coated for future nitrous use)
Bored out to 2.55+ litres (torque plate boring)
custom ported and poished cylinder heads
Cobb racer camshafts
ported/port matched intake manifold
Cobb springs
Cobb retainers
custom made stainless valves (3 angle valve job)
fully blurprinted
fully balanced
Tuned with Unichip
Redline set at 8,000-8,500 rpm
9lb flywheel
ACT clutch
STi engine mounts
STi tranny mounts
ARP Head studs...not bolts anymore.
Upgraded fuel pump
SVX fuel pressure regulator
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