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Originally Posted by wrxgirl08 View Post
I really really have a hard time believing that the stock map is that bad, and any modifications usually aren't great for your car. Not necessarily bad but they will wear out other parts related to them faster.
The stock tune is usually horrible on the 11 and 12 cars. Stock tunes run about 14:1 AFR way to far into (boost) the torque curve. A stage 1 tune is a great way to enrich the AFR, aka safer and better for the car than the stock tune. Modding a car does not mean anything as far as wear goes unless you are talking about CAI (stupid to ever add to this car without a tune) or suspension parts or even heavy wheels. How you drive the car is all that matters. I had a 2005 Evo MR with the so called weak 6 speed. I put 20K miles on that car, quite a few launches and tons of aggressive driving and never even needed a clutch (drove like new when I sold it). BTW, that was with a TBE and tune (70 extra WHP) the whole time. Things like slipping the clutch excessively, no lift shifting, poor shifting are what damage cars not mods.

JMO of course.
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