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Question 02 Bugeye Cylinder 1&2 Misfire after clutch change

So ive had my Bugeye Wagon for about 6 months and ive had the phantom misfire a couple of times and at that time it ran fine. fast forward to a month ago and the clutch went out, I replaced the clutch myself and after its first startup it started giving me problems.

The car idles fine and drives fine around town with no CEL after a hard reset, but after a couple of runs at WOT the CEL light starts flashing and then stays solid. when checking codes i usually get P301 and P302. Also when accelerating at WOT when above about 5K rpm the car lurches and surges, but sometimes it boost and accelerates fine.

So far Ive replaced the MAF and the fuel filter, ive also checked for boost leaks and replaced the TMIC ypipe gaskets thinking it was a boost leak

Mods on car (they came with the car, I didnt apply them)
-AEM cold air intake
-Perrin Silicon intake piping kit
-Helix Catted Downpipe
-invidia Exhaust
-Cobb Uppipe
-I dont know what else
Also i have most if not all the original parts, they came with the car when i bought it

all i know is that the 1st owner did all the mods and got it tuned with a Accessport v1 (whitch i have) at a place called FLI, and the 2nd owner i bought it from trashed it, Im the 3rd owner repairing the 2nd owners idiocy

Ive played around with hondas for most of my life and this is my first subie, I love its but its not leaving a good impression
Im out of ideas and i don't want to be replacing parts here and there anymore so any help is appreciated

Edit: The Car has 186xxx miles
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