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fisrt pray to subie goda and fibreglass gods, then make a mold out of foam, and shape it exactly how you want it. Then you go locate the fibreglass supplies needed, and definatly a book, not enough bandwith for me to tell you the procedure exactly. But sumthing like this ,take fibreglass cloths layer onto your mold, let that layer dry, and repeat the process building up layers (enough so it is really strong and won't suffer from that ugly firbreglass cracking) and then, you pry the mold out of the fibreglass and then finish the bottom of the object using a modified process, cut a peice of heavy duty plastic or metal or such, and then fibreglass that onto bottom, then cover the whole thing once or twice more. Then let the fibreglass sit and dry, then you paint....that is an extremely shortend process, and not using many of the right terms either, just get a book, make a mold, and follow the steps in the book, it works when you do it right.

Edit: forgot to mention that it may be easier to use something else for a really big object such as a wing, or at least strenghten the beast with metal inside of it, but it is possible, and good luck if you decide to do it...but remeber to take you time The results are well worth taking your time on.

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