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Lightbulb Suggestion For the Message Board...

I've been thinking. Since there are more and more "Scooby Specialists" it almost feels like its starting to lose it's meaning.

How about a next step up??
For example, a new distinction for the top 5% of all members. Like "Scooby Gods" or something!
And it could be dynamically updated so the distinction only applies to the top 5% at any given time. So if your posts slack off you may be bumped back to being a "Scooby Specialist".

It could also give you a chance to leave a cool finishing touch to your post like:
"Nuf said, the Scooby Gods have spoken!..."

And to qualify you can not have any posts relating to "trunk monkeys"!....hmmm, that would disqualify me as well...OK, "trunk monkey" posts are acceptable!

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