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Originally Posted by slava from goshen View Post
Nobody is impressed with swapped Subaru. Also if you swap sti to a bug eye front, how would that be different from bug eye swapped to sti? End result should be the same.

How are you slowly and cheaply going to do a full 04-07 sti swap?

If you can afford parts, you can finance sti.

I don't like cutting corners and have over 20k in my rsti, was just saying that it can be done cheaply.

Merging wiring is not right? So ecs and iWire make money from people cutting corners?

Just a simple parts list that you can't slowly get


If you do it slowly... Car will sit and rot away, seriously full swap done right is ~10k plus cost of your car. How long will it take to slowly save up?

Don't forget brake booster for the brembo brakes.
Fuel tank and steering rack is also something you want to swap.

Why is wiper motor needed? There is only a few wires to splice, they all work the same.
i dont care if others are impressed or not.. i was referring to me... i like to sit back an appriciate what i accomplish! and it is very different! and as for the end results being the same just swapping front ends... to some, maybe... but to the purists, and others who appriciate hard work, a bugeye to sti conversion is much more impressive then someone who just changed a few body panels

and the reason many people do these swaps is because we DONT want a car payment! we own our cars! and its much easier to save 3k, buy the motor... recoup, slowly save again, get a tranny, etc. versus a 5 year car payment! been there, done that!

and the simple answer as to iwire and ecs... yes! thats how they make their money! it is 100% cutting corners when you cut and splice wiring harnesses versus swapping over to a legit oem one. not saying what they do is bad, im glad there are people like that in business and i hear they are great at what they do... but it doesnt mean their customers are cutting a few corners.. which is fine.. i never crap talked on anyone who werged harnesses.. im simply saying it is cutting a corner!

and yes, you can buy all of those parts slowly! its called saving! and for many, its much easier to save 3-4k at a time then it is to save 15-20k to buy an sti!. and on your list... a wiring harness is cheap! like $250 cheap! anyone can save that!

ive been buying up all of my parts for a few months.. i have everything i need now... and my car is still my daily driver! why does a car have to be rotting while you buy parts?? why cant it still be a perfectly running car?? my car will not go under the knife until i am 100% certain i have everything i need! and thats in about a week!

if i recall (i may be wrong) the OP and others already mentioned the booster... so i didnt bother adding it... i read through all of this and added what i felt was missing

and as for the wiper motor... it needs to be changed because its different.. plugs are different.. and if you havnt caught on yet, my WHOLE post was for people who want a 100% legit swap.. no cutting/splicing.. and for those who do that, the wiper motor needs to be swapped. the ONLY splicing what will be done on my harness will be the headlight plugs, and that only because it is absolutely nescessary as the 06-07 headlight plugs are different then bugeyes. so thats unavoidable!
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