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Originally Posted by soon2bblackongold View Post
We need vboxes and the vbox data for this to be legitimately competitive and to obtain true "bragging" rights. Or at least we all need a gtech or all use cobbs accessport if it supports that(not positive, but I think it does...)

Also, we need a to say on our posts if this was on flat ground, incline, or decline.

Originally Posted by juanmedina View Post
I think a log and video will suffice, not everyone has a Vbox. The inclination will introduce some error but it shouldn't be huge.
I agree. A video or log isn't going to be perfect. VBOX would be ideal. BUT I wanted to make this as accessible as possible, so I'm fine with accepting videos and logs. If anything, they aren't any less accurate than all the Airboy/Virtual Dyno posts out there, because that is based off log data as well.

All runs should be done on flat ground. If you want to cheat and do it down a hill I guess no one will be able to stop you, but that's not really the point.

Originally Posted by Dave D. View Post
Clearly these are pulls through 50mph, starting for the most part in 2nd gear at about 40mph. I think this is the best way, as it is difficult to obtain accuracy from a "standing" speed.

For instance, I have timed 60-90 on my wrx several times, starting at 60mph, and have obtained times from 3.4 sec to 3.9 seconds in consecutive sets of pulls. Who knows if I was starting right at 60 each time, or if my stopwatch was used accurately?

Pulling through 60 is noticeably faster, although with still inconsistent times due to using a stopwatch. Just wanted to clarify the rules here before I add my data.
Originally Posted by dux10 View Post
So what do we need to do? floor it at 50mph or start lower and run the stopwatch from 50-100?
20g on a 2 liter with 6spd doesn't like being floored from 50... lol
Originally Posted by juanmedina View Post
From my understanding floor it when ever you want. The point of this list is to see who is faster from 50-100mph; there fore who has the better power to weight ratio/ who is the fastest .
Here's what I posted when I originally did this.

I did it from a 30mph roll so my turbo was spooled up when I hit 50mph. Some might not agree with this, but I think it's the most consistent way. Basically just get from 50-100mph as fast as possible: use whatever gears you'd like, brake boost, start slower and go WOT through 50mph, etc. Just keep it to a flat surface and you're good.
I'll add a comment about this to the original post. Can't wait to see some more results!
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