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Originally Posted by Subiezilla View Post
What dealership do you work out of?
In MT, the kind that tries its best to help customers in relation with SOA. Contacting them and talking with them goes a long way, and ultimately decisions for repairs are made by us (technicians) or in some cases the FSE. I had a similar (almost exact to OP) case recently which required the FSE to get involved because the customer had his car tuned a few years ago, which I was not aware of till they asked me for the CID/CVN #s which were different from factory records. Went over with the customer what exactly was done and why, relayed that info to the FSE and he said to give the customer the benefit of the doubt and to go a head and fix it this time. The customers car was stock accept for a SPT intake and exhaust. He had kept it stock as possible for warranty purposes. If its obvious you have a tune with high boost/timing adjustments you can kiss your warranty good bye. Now, we cant see what was changed tune wise, but if the CID & CVN #s are different you can bet it raises a red flag and then your under the microscope and questions will be asked. There is a way to save your factory CID/CVN # to your car but Im not about to disclose how to do so. If you know how, good for you.

Im just a tech who really likes to play fair, Im not there to ruin your day and hit your wallet for as much as possible. I have work coming out my ears, the last thing I need is to piss someone off who is just going to tell the next guy that we are d***Ks. If there is a possibility its Subarus fault, Ill try my best to find out if it should be covered. Now go and run 20lbs of boost on a car still under warranty and try to get me to warranty a block.... Not gonna happen, its purely your fault and I shouldnt make Subaru pay for your mistakes. If you raise boost and drive it like you stole it, just man up and pay the price.
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