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Originally Posted by Junior2JZ View Post
Very nice, slip break down?
It's posted above, but here's the text version.

60' ... 1.757
330 ... 4.618
1/8 ... 6.949
MPH ... 105.50
1000 ... 8.951

1/4 ... 10.636
MPH ... 133.84

Originally Posted by Junior2JZ View Post
We all run the 60-130s around here. The bad boys here run in the 3.0-3.9 range, that's just to get on the top 10 list

What's your 60-130 anyway?

50-100 puts less stress on the car

I agree, but the 50-100 is ok for temperamental subies
Yeah, it's not perfect, but it's easy to do (so hopefully more people will do it).

Originally Posted by Junior2JZ View Post
I will get you some official stuff. I don't have in car vids, as it is a little tough. I do have the vbox data to post up though

Once suggestion I might add though is we get a clear shot in front of the car for video additions. You can't tell if someone is doing pulls down a hill
That would be great. Video out the window would be good, but I don't think I'm going to require it. You could go down hill with a log or VBOX too. If people want to cheat, they will. I'm just going to assume people will be honest. And if people post 1/4 mile slips to back it up that would be good too.

Originally Posted by synolimit View Post
it sucks. no FFS, RPMs drop to much, still not the power i want but thats due to temp and the time i did this run. give me a 45* day when im fully tuned.

holding a camera, wheel, and trying to shift isnt gonna be doable or safe. how bout a log?
Tape your phone to your steering wheel, lol.

Log looks good. Please edit into the post where you put your other info and I'll add it to the main list later. Quicker than my time on the stock turbo and E85 (I was lift shifting on a hot summer day too).

Still looking for more posts! I know a lot of guys have AP's or Tactrix's cables! Anyone with a video camera or logging software can do this!
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