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Default injector issues

K I'm bringing this one over here from legacy central. Gonna cut and paste. I'm kinda wondering where to head next with this. Got first autox this sunday eh.

Hey guys got some injector issues.
So the issue, doing the 550 sti swap into the legacy rails for the rob tune. Replaced the o-rings and 3 out of 4 injectors are gushing somehow causing the engine to hydrolock upon start up. Tonite I'll be confirming where they are leaking from by mounting them on a spare rail and lines off the intake.
Now I'm a senior tech at a subaru dealership, please no hate. I understand, but I got a good rep partly cause I always consider myself to be a student.

I've done quite a few injector jobs and never have I seen 3 injectors leaking. Here's the questions:
-could the fpr be jammed causing abnormally high fuel pressure? but it was running fine prior to the swap
-I bought these used and I'm wondering if the clown I bought them off maxed them out, would that cause them to stay open?
-is there anyway I installed them wrong, Would the caps be pushing on the pintle caps causing them to stay open

Thx for any input, Just wanna get this thing going smoothly without to much headache. And No I don't want to get them flow tested immediately......I just bought some rpf1's and the funds are hurting eh

Please clarify - What engine and any mods are you/we dealing with? With the Rob Tune (Way to go!) this is an SS/TW swapping in the EJ20 ECU, I'd guess.

I read the issue is w/leaking and too much fuel...but just to double-check:

The 550's must be installed in the '92-94 NA SOHC rails. If you've got the correct rails, did you get the correct O-rings? This LINK shows there are only 2 per injector.

And here's pic of the O-rings installed:

If you check the resistance on the injectors, they should be 10-12 OHMs? You probably have the FSM w/the correct #'s.

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