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I can't confirm the fuel rails were out of a 92-94 legacy. We have a shed with a bunch of old engines in them. The rails came off a ej22 sohc with the old style valve covers. The 550 cc injectors fit very well into the rails and looked very similar to the injectors I pulled out of them.

That picture is the same as the injectors I have. And thx for answering an unmentioned question. The parts look up was a little vague with the o-rings. Was sure there was only 2 but thx for the confirmation. I ended up going through the box of o-rings and installed the two that fit best. The injectors are not leaking externally just internally so the bottom o-ring could still be a culprit. The part number for the o-ring installed on the bottom #16698AA080.

K checked the resistance, every injector is roughly 10.2-10.4 ohms. Made a cool tool to check resistances easier. Just cut off an injector plug, busted the tab off and crimped some spade connectors on the end. Real easy to grab with the gator clips and the plug just slides right on.

Anyways, hooked up the rails with injectors to a set of fuel lines.

Absolutely no leaking after cycling the ignition to on about a dozen times. Wondering if the ecu is telling the injectors to go wide open on start up? Gonna check voltage and possibly duty cycle to the harness on start up.


with the key out of the ignition I got 12v going to the injectors, that can't be normal

ya confirmed all 4 injectors have battery voltage going to them with the key out of the ignition

k this is bizarre, looked it up injectors are supposed to have 12 volts all the time. Connected each injector to the harness and turned vehicle on. Injectors let no fuel through. Turned vehicle over and each injector sprayed normally.....gonna install again and see what happens.

Installed and it hydrolocks again, wtf. Any help would be appreciated
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