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Ya man those were my first two thoughts. I thought the rails or the o-rings were wrong causing major flooding into the cylinder.
The other suspicion was the injectors were faulty. The guy I bought the injectors also had a vf39 for sale. I thought possibly he upgraded his turbo first and fooled around with tuning before upgrading his injectors causing the stock injectors to be maxed out (100%+ duty cycle) damaging them to stay in the open position. I tested there resistance and I got 10.2-10.4 ohms across.

When I had the rails hooked up to the fuel lines on top of the newspaper (pic in previous post). I primed the fuel pump about a dozen times with the injectors jumper wired to the stock harness.
There wasn't any leaking from any of the fuel injectors while priming. I turned the car over for about 1-2 secs and each each injector sprayed into the air turning off and on like they should. Once again no leaking or continuous spray. All looks good.

Then I install the rails/injectors back onto the motor and I hydro-lock. I also got a backfire through the intake. Pull the plugs and there soaked. Engine won't turn over with plugs installed.

Ok sorry I'm repeating myself, I do this with tough diagnostics. I have one more suspicion I'm considering. While engaging the starter and turning over the motor with the injectors hooked up on the newspaper it seemed like they were spraying too often.
It looked like the injectors were firing like a waste spark system. Once every 360 degree rotation of the crank instead of once every 720 degrees. Instead of firing once every four strokes they looked like they were firing once every two strokes. I counted roughly 3-4 sprays for 1-2 secs of starter cranking. Yes everything was covered in gas

I think tomorrow I'm gonna bring a timing light home and some noid lights. It's the only thing that makes sense right now.
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