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Originally Posted by Rootus View Post
Sounds like you've done a lot of research. What's the financial aspect look like? I assume it'll never really pay for itself, so the question would be how much do you have to pay to have the coolest toy on the block?
A lot of people buying EVs are well off and get them as third/forth vehicles. They will buy this as a tool to get groceries, or something to drive their 2.5 kids back and forth to private school every day. When anyone ask them about the car, they will tell them it is "SSSOOO NICE!"

Then those same people will hop in their V8 Yukon and get 12 MPG anytime they want to drive further than 15 miles from their house. But they won't care, because if you can drop $50K on a spare EV, you can afford to put gas in the Yukon.

Granted some people do buy EVs and use them as their only vehicle, however I think those are in the minority compared to people buying one as a lifestyle car.
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